Monday, January 11, 2010

Copenhagen wheel

Smart, responsive and elegant, the Copenhagen Wheel is a new emblem

for urban mobility. It transforms ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes that also
function as mobile sensing units. The Copenhagen Wheel allows you to capture
the energy dissipated while cycling and braking and save it for when you need
a bit of a boost. It also maps pollution levels, traffic congestion,
and road conditions in real-time.

Crime Fighters ride bikes!

Two thieves on a motor-scooter flew by and snatched a womans purse on a street in Wenzhou, China. Surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle. As he was passing by the front of a hotel near where the thievery happened, he stopped, calmly got off his bicycle, picked it up, and then threw it at the thieves. The bicycle hit them, they lost control, and crashed to the ground.

Crime Fighters ride bikes!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cycling in snow

" The important thing is to sit down and relax. Stay calm and just ride smoothly and normally. If you tense up you risk slipping."